I Am Jack’s Brother


At 8:10 on the morning of August 17th we were honored to add Charles to our family. If you are reading this, please take it as an invitation to remind me what he hell goes on in the first 6 months of a baby’s life because I have completely forgotten.  I know they don’t like …

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I Am Jack’s Expectations of Fatherhood


  In my brief experience as a father the only thing I’m truly certain of is that nothing can adequately prepare you for being a parent.  I’m nearly just as certain that the furthest thing to prepare you from being a parent are the stereotypical “Good Dad Moments” that are part of our popular culture. …

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I Am Jack’s Manipulative Humor


Jack is funny.  I don’t mean he does funny things accidentally.  He does that too, but there’s more.  I mean, at three, he seems to have a decent understanding of how to get a good laugh out of the people he cares about.  This seems to be a natural progression as part of his personality …

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I Am Jack’s Lack of Understanding


I enjoy my position of neutrality in all things larger than the four walls of my life.  I have a tendency to see politics, world affairs, environmental issues and the like as the dubious luxury of other, more capable (or more compassionate) people.  I find comfort in my quiet, simple life.  I’m happy with my …

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I Am Jack’s License to Drive


Jack thinks he can drive.  That’s not a joke or me being cute.  When I initiate, what I assume, is going to be an adorable back and forth by saying:  “Do you wanna drive home?”  He responds in the affirmative, demands the keys and then is genuinely disappointed and kind of shocked when the adult …

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