Everything is perfect…for now.


The days right now are anything but predictable.  Now that is certainly as it should be in the domain for a 3 year old and his one month old little brother.  About a week ago I was doing something that isn’t my first instinct, but always works out of for the best:  I was communicating …

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I Am Jack’s New Normal


What are the waters I am swimming in right now?  Well, Charlie is now a little more than one month old, and Jack will be four years old I need a month.  Both these passages of time are equally boggling to my mind.  I am consistent in reminding myself to just stop for a moment …

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I Am Jack’s Falling Short


I would love to preface this whole thing by saying that 90 % of the time I think that I’m a pretty good father.  I would LOVE to do that, but it simply isn’t true.  If I’m being honest the actual moments when I am able to truly go “You’re a pretty good dad” are …

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I Am Jack’s Brother


At 8:10 on the morning of August 17th we were honored to add Charles to our family. If you are reading this, please take it as an invitation to remind me what he hell goes on in the first 6 months of a baby’s life because I have completely forgotten.  I know they don’t like …

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I Am Jack’s Expectations of Fatherhood


  In my brief experience as a father the only thing I’m truly certain of is that nothing can adequately prepare you for being a parent.  I’m nearly just as certain that the furthest thing to prepare you from being a parent are the stereotypical “Good Dad Moments” that are part of our popular culture. …

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