George is a Los Angeles based writer, artist and content creator working in various media.  Originally from New Jersey, he moved to L.A. in 2004 with delusions of grandeur and is easily 10 years past the point in which he was supposed to become a millionaire.  George is a husband, father and alcoholic of long term sobriety.   His work tends to dip both into his life as a new man trying to continually grow in understanding and effectiveness, and a father attempting to clean a poopy pair of undies without getting any on his fingers.  It’s a scene.

You would probably not be run out of any town anywhere if you called George a little bit of a nerd.  His passion for all things geek helped inform his current passion for fatherhood.

He lives in Highland Park with his wife, Allison and his two sons, Jack and Charlie.

George is available for any freelance or commission work.  Please e-mail for details and rates.




Kevin, George and Adam are 3 dads that get together and talk about books, movies, television, podcasts and the like.  Sometimes they actually talk about Sci-Fi too.  Most of the time, they are pretty funny to listen to.  Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Tune In or wherever you find your podcasts.

New podcasts every other Wednesday (alternating with new episodes of SAHDness), come and find out what this show is becoming as we do.