I Am Jack’s Just Because.

I Am Jack’s Just Because.

A Quick “Just Because”…

George, Jack, Booga Booga

I started this website as a catharsis of sorts.   My way of documenting some of the insanity that comes with fatherhood.

I knew that I liked it, I never really thought about other people liking it as well.  You’ve always got to do it for yourself and keep the response in the back of your head.  But when the response is overwhelming, I think it’s appropriate to take some time to thank you all for giving me the honor of having you laugh at my life for a bit.

To the person who told me I made them cry:  thank you.  To the mother who said she checks for my comic at 3am when she feeds her baby:  thank you.  To the guy who has always been critical of the work I produce who, with some reluctance still, said “I think you’re onto something here”:  thank you.  To the person I haven’t talked to since high school who told me it’s the most honest comic they’ve ever read:  thank you.  To the other artists I respect who laughed at my ideas:  thank you.

A huge thanks to everyone that has dished out a few kind words over the last month.  Whether people keep reading them or not I plan on doing them.  It’s my journal now.  My documentation of Jack’s early life and, eventually, hopefully a way of showing him how much I care about him.  Your response has showed me (and him) that you all care about him as well.  Even though you are not required to by the laws of the State of California.

And now comes the part where I completely sell out.

Hah!  Got you!  You thought this was gonna be just a sentimental “thanks for all the memories” post.  I pulled the old one-two.

Not so much.  However, most of the exposure of this site depends on word-of-mouth.  So, if you are interested in purchasing a SAHDness American Apparel t-shirt, I’ve added a few new designs to my Red Bubble store.

I’ve actually just ordered a few of the baby clothes options for Jack. So, check it out.  T-shirt, Hoodie, Baseball Tee, Baby Doll Tee.  It’s all there.  I plan on adding more SAHDness artwork over the next week but at least give it a looksy and, as always, helpful comments/criticisms are always welcome.

Click on Jack below to become a walking billboard for SAHDness.com


Once again, thank you all so much.  I’ll see you on Wednesday with another chapter from me and Jack’s SAHD life.


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