I Am Jack’s Needless Insistence To Grow Up

I Am Jack’s Needless Insistence To Grow Up


I have never been what one might call a “well-adjusted adult”.  There is a reason that at most dinner parties, while those that invited us are discussing politics and finance I am outback playing Ping Pong with their 13 year old children.  For me, it’s that they’re into the same movies, comic books and cartoons that I have on my DVR.  For them, it’s that I can drink beer legally and have (more than likely) seen a woman at least partially naked.

There is an old saying that “some day every boy must put away his toys and become a man”.  I have always fought this tooth and nail, retreating all the way to a heaven of nascent Peter Pan-ism like Los Angeles to avoid it.  When Jack was born I was initially worried that this would necessitate my rush into unwavering adulthood.  But why?  I am privileged to be part of a new generation that, for the first time, is able to hold on to the things that they loved as a child and allow those passions to continue to shape them into adulthood.  It’s a chance that my parents and their parents worked hard for me to be comfortable enough to enjoy.  A chance at maintaining a perpetual sense of child-like wonder at the world.

I cannot think of a bigger disservice to Jack than to deny him the same chance.

Okay, so I’m sure I can think of at least one bigger disservice.  Like, I mean, not feeding him would be worse.  Yeah.

I was being poetic.  Jeez.


  1. Kim says:

    Steve bought future baby Rupp his first Lego set. Jaba Palace-pulled off shelves. He will have strict instructions that he can look and not touch.

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