I Am Jack’s Ocean View

I Am Jack’s Ocean View

34I have often wondered what ancient man must have first thought when he came upon the edge of the ocean.  For a long time I was content to conclude that the prevailing idea must’ve been “Well, this is it.”  For some one with no knowledge of geography, surely this seemed like the end of the world.

My perspective changed when I first took Jack to the beach and saw the reaction of a human being gazing onto the  Pacific Ocean for the first time.  There was absolutely no sense of finality in his expression.  There was immense exhilaration upon the discovery of this previously unknown wonder.  His eyes widened at the vastness, not at the insurmountable notion of it.   There was initial trepidation, to be sure, at the idea of touching this cold and moving newness.  However, as with most challenges, it was not as bad as he imagined and, if the joy in his face was any indication, he was immediately better off for having undertaken it.

I’ve come to see Jack’s point of view, once again, as an approach to my own life.  Whereas once I was content to keep it locked in a box and visit it upon occasion, I can now not think of any other way than wrapping myself in it.  Letting the waves crash over me and getting the sand of it in all those hard to reach places.

My absence from this web comic as of late has not been one of unexpected sorrow or tragic encounters.  It’s been one filled with a new sense of joy.  The joy of living life and walking into previous unknown waters.  I’m just grateful to have some one as brave as my son by my side.

Be well and thanks for reading.