I Am Jack’s Displacement

I Am Jack’s Displacement


Whew.  What a summer.

For those not “in the know”:  Jack, Allison and I relocated to New York City from mid-July until mid-September for work-related obligations.  Relax, everyone.  No, I didn’t get a job.  God, imagine how seldom I’d update this site if I actually WORKED.  When greeted with this news most people, especially those without kids, seemed to fall along the lines of:

“Oh.  That is going to be so much fun for you.”

And, ya know what?  It was.  It really was.  We had a great apartment about a few blocks away from Central Park.  Jack and I spent our days exploring the city and our weekends were spent with family.  Most of whom had not yet met our son.  Sure, we had gone from a rather spacious 3/bedroom to a crammed 1 bedroom (that I’m sure is amazing by NYC standards of living), and the time-change was hard on Jack but he seemed to acclimate rather quickly.  Considering how bad it might have been, things were going rather well.

And then we hit about week 5.

We were all in a different bed every weekend.  We all had colds.  Jack’s sleep got worse.  We started adopting the “whatever it takes” principle and pulling him into bed with us.  New York got hotter and stickier.  Everything was now noticeably more expensive.  We had to pack up and ship a ton of stuff.  Toss in a husband with a substance abuse problem and a crippling fear of flying, and I dare any one to deny the sainthood of my wife.  Regardless, we just wanted to go home.

If not for the consistent help of some incredible family members, I think I might have gone crazy and become one of those homeless guys you see walking around Central Park.  The ones with giant bushy beards carrying a small keyboard on a rope around their neck.

Ah, the Big Apple.

So, we are back home.  And, sadly, Jack has nearly fully reverted to his sleep patterns from around 5 months ago.  We had a great time and consistently made the best of it.  We created memories that Jack, Allison and I will treasure for the rest of our lives.  But, just like a hangover after a long night of drinking, there was some fallout.  However, it taught me a vital lesson.  I used to take some very easy roads in my life, and this perhaps led to some missed opportunities.  The one thing about the easy road is that the view is fucking boring.  I don’t ever want to take that route with Jack.  I want his life to be exciting.  My son has already been to both coasts of this country.  He has already flown amazingly through the air.  He’s already been to famous art and science museums.

And look….


He’s already stood on the edge of the Hudson River looking across to New Jersey.  The Easy Road would have denied him all of that.

So, me and Al will be those dicks in the airplane whose son is kicking the back of your chair.  Guess who else we are?  Those amazing parents with the cute kid who is playing Peek-A-Boo with the old man in the seat behind him.  So, we’ll have a few more sleepless nights while Jack learns to soothe himself back to sleep.  We’re also the proud parents of a strong, healthy, smart, handsome young man that has seen more before his first birthday than his father had by his twenty first.  Isn’t that what this is all about?

So to hell with the Easy Road.  I’ll take the one that Jack wants to ride on.