I Am Jack’s Flawed Sense of Sleeping Comfort

I Am Jack’s Flawed Sense of Sleeping Comfort


This isn’t a joke.  Jack sleeps like this.  He sleeps well like this.  Certainly a lot longer and sounder than his father.  Perhaps he’s onto something.

Now most people with children will find that this position is by no means unique.  I’ve had a dozen different mothers all remark “Oh, this is how so-and-so sleeps”.  Yes, So and So is an odd name for a child, but I digress.


Ooof.  That was a bad joke.  That was more of a Groucho Marx cigar chomp than it was a Rim Shot joke.  You’ll get those here though.  Bad jokes.  Juvenile Humor.  Self Deprecation.  It’s all in there, hopefully with a finely baked crust of cheese and a steaming hot cup of sentimentality to wash it down with.

Rather than my usual spiel, which starts off humorously before wandering into a personal story before wrapping the whole thing up with some slow music scene from Full House bow, I would rather just take this time to thank all of you.

Thank you.

The people who visit this site and have spread the word about it (whether it be by Re-Tweeting a comic, hitting that old Facebook like button, buying a t-shirt, or just saying to some one that they might wanna check this out) have helped to make this silly little collection of words and pictures into my most successful artistic venture to date.  I’m not saying that somewhere Ricky Gervais just got a shiver because I’m RIGHT BEHIND HIM, but I cannot tell you how humbling and gratifying it is to know that what I’m doing is resonating with even just a few other folks.

I’ve always said that I’m doing these for me.  That they are a an ideal channel of my insecurities and frustrations for the particular situation I am in.  I’m just trying to throw spitballs at my own life.  It truly honors me that I’m not alone in being able to sit back and laugh at the absurdity that is my existence on this planet.  Or that, some how, the stars aligned for a  lucky fool like me and that I ended up with a gorgeous, funny, kind-hearted wife and the coolest kid this side of the Mississippi.

It can happen to any one.  Well, anyone that was born in white, suburban, middle-class New Jersey and was funny and charming enough to coast through life until some actual responsible came along in the raising and teaching of another human being.

Yep.  Anyone.

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Thanks again, all.  Be wonderful to each other.