I Am Jack’s Obstruction of Sunlight

I Am Jack’s Obstruction of Sunlight


I have the fortune to have been blessed by a fellowship of human beings that love and support me and my family.  Not the least among them is my father-in-law Dr. Mark Johnson, or “Doctor J” as he is known to Jack.  While I was learning how to get better, Doctor J and his wife (the no less amazing Mary “Mimi” Johnson) dropped what they were doing and flew across country to help Allison, Jack and me.  There are times where I feel undeserving of this kind of love, and yet there it is.  There it is, without expectation or want of reciprocation, the love is just there being willfully given even to me.

I aspire towards that level of selflessness, and it should come as no surprise, as Mark Johnson lives his life endlessly in the service of others.  He gives voice to those who cannot shout and recognition to causes that would otherwise go unnoticed.  Though I am early in my path of altruism and service, it is not these qualities that I find the most impressive or find the most kinship with in him.  It’s far more simple than that.

Mark is another man who’s love is so profound that it cannot help but be expressed in art.  A love for another human being that is so explosive it cannot be contained in one’s brain.  So, as these things tend to do, it inspired the words contained in this comic.  Mark wrote this poem after he saw photos of his first grandson, Jack, at the beach.

Today, I am thankful for Mark Johnson in my life.  I am just as grateful that Jack has two grandfathers, two grandmothers, four aunts and four uncles that love him dearly.  Thanks for reading.