I Am Jack’s Quiet Introspection

I Am Jack’s Quiet Introspection

37Jack doesn’t talk.

I know.  He’s 21 months old.  I don’t have unrealistic expectations of my son.  Both Allison and I were operating under the “it will happen eventually” mindset and it’s only recently that we’ve felt it appropriate to change our approach.

He has a few words that he tosses around every now and then.   He’s said “Dahg” when he see’s a dog.  He’s said “Ghat” to his toy lion and other cats.  He’s used the words “Mama” and “Dada”, but never in relation to me or my wife.  He just says them when prompted.  He’s got a handful of other things he’s said, but the cause for concern is that some seem to have gone away.

And then there are other things.

Jack’s playtime has gotten rather rigid and he get frustrated.  He gets intensely focused on a toy or a task and then sometimes very upset when they don’t do something he wants them to do.  He doesn’t pretend play. He doesn’t look at his parent’s for reactions to new situations or stimuli.  He doesn’t point.  He doesn’t understand some things.

There are developmental and societal conclusions of this that I’ve been struggling with lately.  Allison and I know where we are and we know what we are doing next.  We will take the next indicated action and see where the plan takes us.  Besides…

…there are other things that Jack DOES do.

Jack does have the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on a human being.  He does use a fork and a spoon to eat.  He brushes his own teeth.  He takes stairs on both feet.  He learned how to kick a soccer ball at a rate that I can’t keep up with just from watching older kids.  He runs at full sprint.  He looks at gorillas at the zoo with and can’t help but shine with curiousity.  He looks deep into things and wonders how they work.  He solves problems.  He puts his head on his mother’s shoulder with the delicate ease a mother would always dream their child would.  He touches the heart of every single person that he meets and engages with them immediately.  He makes me laugh and so happy that I know him.

Jack does what he does.  He doesn’t do what he doesn’t do.

Right now, Jack doesn’t talk.  He will.  I know these things.  Just as I know, regardless of any outcome, I will never allow Jack to feel that I want him to be any different than how he is.

In a world where any attempt at control is a fool’s errand, I’ve come to see that all I can truly do is love my son and give him all the support that love entails.

So, essentially, nothing has changed.