I Am Jack’s Walk In The Park

I Am Jack’s Walk In The Park


Some people will say that “life is short”.  After what has certainly been one of the longest years of my life, I’d have to disagree.  Even today with a new, ever-evolving clarity I would say the opposite.  Life is long.  Life is a long and tiring road to be trudged on foot;  filled with dangers and rewards that you’ll never see coming because you’ve never been on this path before.  This is, in no way, a bad thing.

The other night Allison and I were discussing how tired we’ve been lately.  She remarked about how she’s constantly waiting for her body to just sort of SNAP into our newly packed, gratifying schedules.  I had a different point of view:

“I think THIS is it.  We are just going to be this tired for the rest of our lives.  I mean, even by the time Jack leaves for college or gets married or whatever then we’ll just be old.  And still tired.  All we have to look forward to are naps and eventually dying.”
“That is really grim.”
“Well, in the in between we get to take Jack to his first day of school.  Be at his first basketball game.  Drive him to college.  Kiss our grandchildren on the head.  Then one day, perhaps, he gets to have this exact same realization with the person he loves.  But, yeah, as far as sleep goes we’re fucked.”

The important word in all of that is GET.  I get to do these things.  I do not do them because I have to.  I do them because I get to.  Getting to do something is far more rewarding to me now than being obligated to do it.  Especially when it happens to be something I want to do.

For today, I wish you all the best in your adventure on this path.  See the sun rise, watch the sunset, make a snowball and throw it at some one.  Enjoy.