Non-Single Single Parent Week: DAY ?

Non-Single Single Parent Week: DAY ?

No. I think I'm gonna stay right here.

As is usually the case, here with both life and the title of this blog series, the days stopped being so unique and delineated and it just started becoming the norm of life.

How’s that for a fancy justification for being too lazy to post the last few days?  Not bad, huh?

Over the last few days I’ve probably screwed up as much as a dad as I have gotten things right. Jack is still safe. Still happy.  Still one of the main reasons I enjoy waking up in the morning.

He's just so damn cool.

The other day I went to pick Jack up from his daycare babysitter service, the amazing Kids Klub in Pasadena, and I was treated to the sight of him running behind older kids in big push cars. Jack was laughing his ass off, pushing the cars and going “BEEP!  BEEP!”  Some of the other kids were calling for Jack to push them, noticing the speed boost he was giving.  It was a treat to see him being so social.

As I left one of the teachers remarked that she felt Jack was a “old, gentle soul”.  I find myself more and more amazed each time Jack is described using some term that was used to describe me during my childhood.

I get it all, but to me he’s just Jack. He will always be just Jack. Jack is some things and he isn’t some other things. The same is true for all of us.  Wanting anything more or less is trying to ex e cise an impossible control. 

Just Jack.  That seems to be more than enough for anyone that meets him.  My hope is that, as he gets older, I can help him see that it’s enough for himself as well.  That he is who he is and that anything beyond his attitude and behavior isn’t really up to him.

He called his shot.

That’s a bit away from today though.  Today, we both got to wake up with colds.  Yep.

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