S.A.H.D.ness Non-Single Single Parent Week: DAY 1

S.A.H.D.ness Non-Single Single Parent Week: DAY 1

It begins.

Ready to face the big bad world.

My wife will be out of town for the next 8 nights.  She travels a lot for work and we have done 4 or 5 day stretches before, so really this is not a tremendously big deal.  Unless I decide to make it into one.

Mommy will be gone for HOW LONG?

See, if left unchecked by tools I’ve come to learn, I can be a very selfish person.  I excelled at it for quite some time Pre-Jack.  Even now I can have a tendency to, as my friend John puts it, “try to be THE parent and not simply a parent.”  I used to think that if I had a long day with Jack that I was somehow deserving of “a break”.  As though Allison had mastered the Zack Morris “Time Out” trick.  I’ve come to realize that in a one parent stays at home situation there really is no break.  There is just some one else doing your job for you. Yet, still there are times where I try to have my cake and eat it too.

There are various reasons for this that all seem to have one thing in common:  me.  I am the constant in each equation.

So, really my responsibilities this week are as follows:

1.  Maintain the health, happiness and safety of my son as usual.  This is actually the easy part.

2.  Avoid being a jerk to my pregnant, hard working wife because of “all the work I’m  doing” at home.  I’m not unique.  The only difference between me and the countless parents out there doing this everyday is that I think I’m important enough to blog about it.

3.  Don’t start to think yourself a super hero upon the successful completion of this week.

4.  Most importantly, maintain my sanity and my fitness of spirit.  This means a lot of different things to a person like myself who, admittedly, indulged in years of insane behavior.  There are things I do everyday that I can never stop doing.  I don’t want to stop doing them.  Unity.  Service.  Recovery.

Also, apparently I’m supposed to go buy a new dining room set.

That’s later.  For now, we are off to the park for apples, slides and people watching.  Be well.


Maybe I shouldn’t let him play up there.  That table is Ikea and sort of cracking.  No, he’ll be fine.

I’m getting him down.

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